"If we take care of Nature,
Nature will take care of us"

D. Attenborough

ViBi Venezia decided to team up with green future project to reduce their footprint and give a positive contribution to planet earth.

For every single order you will make through our online store we will plant a mangrove tree.

Vibi Climate Impact
Powered by Green Future Project

Green Future Project is an online platform that allows individuals and companies to have an active and collaborative role in the decisive challenge of this millennium: reduce CO2 emissions and accelerating the transition to clean energy.

GFP, orn as benefit company, by relying on some of the world’s best climate projects, certified by internationally recognized bodies such as gold standard, verra and rainforest trust, it enables individuals or companies to offset their impact on the environment while inspiring shareholders and customers.

We are committed, with your support, to plant thousands of mangrove trees at the Mahabana estuary, situated 65 kilometres south of the port city of Mahajunga. Mangroves have an enormous capacity for absorbing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, trapping them in the soil for millennia. They are among the most carbon-rich tropical forests in the world, hence their critical importance for mitigating the effects of climate change.

The force guiding this change is virtuous and necessary: we truly believe that sustainability is an absolute and indispensable also in terms of credibility on world markets